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At CCFC, classrooms are arranged so that children can make choices on their own: the physical space is oriented to them so that they may reach toys and other objects themselves, and learning materials are grouped in a way that helps them see the connections between related objects. Teachers support children's learning by promoting inquiry with caring interactions and by facilitating activities that help children develop social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. 


Play is a critical way to help children explore new ideas, practice skills and work out solutions to problems. As children choose an activity, make a plan and follow through, they are learning how to learn. Teachers are there to share in their discoveries, to listen to their stories, to comfort them when they need support, and to celebrate their successes. 


Most importantly, children learn that they are valued.


(Ages 4mos - 3yrs)


The first three years of life are a period of immense growth. Young infants become toddlers who gain more independence every day. Our infants and young toddlers are provided a safe and supportive environment where they can discover the world around them through play and exploration guided by caregivers who nurture their growth in individually responsive ways. Talking and listening with eyes, as well as ears, provide the early stages of communication skills and language development. Children's primary language is used whenever possible.


The classrooms serving older toddlers and young 3-year-olds focus on fostering the independence and curiosity of children by allowing them to make choices for themselves and to take pride in accomplishing simple tasks on their own. The children in the older toddler centers build with blocks, play with sand and water, run and climb, look at books, color, paint, glue, and play with dolls. In doing so, the children practice significant physical, social, early math, and early language skills. Adult teachers help children in small groups play together in order to encourage the building of social skills, as they move from playing alone to playing alongside one another, to eventually playing with other children.

Service-Providing Locations

  • Heritage Home Center - Visitacion Valley

  • John King Center - Visitacion Valley

  • Mary Lane Infant & Toddler Center - Hayes Valley

  • Cecil Williams House Infant Center - Tenderloin

  • Oscaryne Williams Infant & Toddler Center - Potrero Hill

  • Golden Gate Center - Western Addition (Opening Soon)

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