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The Cross Cultural Family Center

~ Child Development

~ Family Engagement & Support

~ ECE Professional Development

Our Mission

The mission of The Cross Cultural Family Center is to provide child development services in cross-cultural settings with a commitment to high quality, community based, and developmentally appropriate early care and education programs.

This includes the recognition of the essential role of family and community in promoting the positive development of young children, and the significant impact of public policy on the economic and social well-being of our culturally diverse urban community.

Our goal is to maximize the positive potential among our children, their families, our staff, and the diverse communities in which we live.

At Cross Cultural Family Center, We Believe...

~ Children have the right to be cared for in environments that are safe, nurturing, and engaging;

~ Children have the right to learning experiences that reflect and promote their ethnic heritage, cultural values, family structure, and home language;

~ Children have the right to be cared for by well-prepared professionals who work in partnership with their families, and who are nurturing, loving, and authentic.

"Cross-cultural education is designed to uplift children, to give them imagination, and to help them experience diversity on a very basic level. The child will first learn to value himself [or herself]; then to value others; then to value humanity.~ Mary Lane, Ed.D., Founding Director

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