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Cross Cultural Family Center's child care centers are designed to provide children with opportunities to grow in every area of their development. Children need both inside and outside time, active and quiet play, the chance to play alone and the chance to play in a group. Teachers watch to see what children are able to do now and plan activities that help them take the next step in their learning.

Teachers support children's learning with caring interactions, learning materials that promote inquiry and activities that help children develop social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. 

At Cross Cultural Family Center, the following specialty programs are utilized to teach children about taking care of their bodies and minds, to develop social skills, to receive emotional support, and to explore nature. 

Healthy Bodies - Healthy Minds

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Our Healthy Bodies -- Healthy Minds program incorporates interesting and tasty nutritious meals for children and a curriculum that teaches children about food, and where it comes from. 

The Healthy Bodies – Healthy Minds Curriculum is a year round curriculum integrated into the daily preschool program.  It includes: 


  • review of the daily menu and learning about the vegetables and fruits that are served on the menu – how nutritious foods support good health and wellbeing – and about a daily balanced diet


  • learning about where food comes from, such as farms where fruits and vegetables grow, and about animals and the foods they produce, ie: milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, meat


  • learning experiences that help children make health eating choices, and other health habits to support the wellbeing of their bodies and their minds - how healthy foods, daily exercise, and a thorough night’s sleep work together to support good health

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Social and Emotional Wellness Program

At each of our centers, a Social and Emotional Wellness Specialist support the daily program. 

The specialists work alongside teachers throughout the day to assist children with developing social skills and with emotional support. This special enhancement program is designed to provide regular support to teachers in meeting the development needs of every child in their care. 

The Specialist also works with families to assess special services that their child may need and to support families with issues and concerns that they may have about their child's development or special needs.


Exploring nature is one of the most exhilarating ways for children to learn. As nature explorers, children use all of the senses to learn about the world around them. 

The Cross Cultural Family Center's outdoor play areas are designed to foster children's natural wonder and to provide interesting surroundings that stimulate their curiosity.


Nature topics are incorporated in daily and weekly curriculum to ensure well rounded experiences to foster children's wellbeing and development.

Bridge to Nature Curriculum

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