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Family Engagement

At Cross Cultural Family Center we want to create a relationship where parents and staff work together as partners to create the best experience for the children. Communication with parents is based on the belief that the child’s family is the child’s first and most important teacher.

When parents and teachers talk daily, it helps create a connection between the child’s experiences at home and at school. Parent-Teacher conferences give parents and teachers an opportunity to talk at length about the child’s progress and to set individual goals for the child’s learning.

Parents are always welcome to join in our programs and to participate at any time throughout the daily hours of operation. We want to hear the ideas and concerns that you may have. Staff are also happy to share information with parents about child development -- let us know if we can help answer any questions. Parents are invited to participate in parent groups or to volunteer in the classrooms.

Parent Meetings at your Child’s Center

Parent meetings are held at your child’s center throughout the year. The meetings focus on topics that will be of interest to parents. At an orientation meeting for parents, a questionnaire will be distributed so parents can identify topics they would like to have presented throughout the year. Each center will conduct meetings for parents throughout the year.

The Parent Advisory Group

Representatives from each of the centers make up the Parent Advisory Group. The advisory groups will meet up to three times a year to provide support and information to the administration about the ways in which services are provided to families through its programs. Members of the Parent Advisory Group may be asked to serve on various committees to help ensure that the views of families are included. The Parent Advisory Group assists with plans for agency wide family events.

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