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Good Morning!

As children arrive, teachers greet the child and family. They help older toddlers and preschoolers put their coats away and find an activity. After a brief morning health check, the children say good-bye as parents prepare to move on with their day. Let us know if you feel your child needs extra support in the morning. Parents will sign-in and out at arrival and pick-up times.


How Are You?

During morning arrival, teachers conduct a daily health check, asking children how they feel that morning and observing the children for signs of illness and/or distress. This is a time for parents to share any new information about their child’s health.


Let’s Eat!

CCFC provides breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. We work hard to provide healthy meals that the children will enjoy and that reflect the cultural diversity of our communities. Food allergies will be accommodated.


We Work and Play Together . . .

The major part of your child’s day is spent in work-play activities. Both indoor and outdoor play areas invite your child to play and learn, work individually or in small groups, and to enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishment through hands-on activities.


We Take Care of Our Bodies . . .

Your child’s health is very important to us. We help children learn to take care of their bodies by washing their hands, brushing their teeth, and using the toilet independently. A scheduled nap time is included in all of our toddler and preschool programs to ensure that children get the rest they need during the day.



As you pick up your child, we encourage you to ask about your child’s day. Being able to share stories about their experiences helps children make the transition between school and home.

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